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      Dolores Watches a Documentary by Kristen Havens

      Dolores adores ice cream; she even sports a Rocky Road tattoo on her right butt cheek. But after watching a food production documentary on PBS, she bees aware of the plight of the dairy cows.



      Stacy and Chad by Isabel Armiento

      I imagine Stacy when she’s not around, imagine her sinuous legs stretching across the firm white sheet of a hospital bed, swish.


      Book Reviews

      Human Matter by Rodrigo Rey Rosa, tr Eduardo Aparicio

      Another fact: author Rodrigo Rey Rosa did visit the National Police Archive to research a novel. That novel became Human Matter, a book that is part documentary, part diary, and, as the epigraph of the novel makes clear, is a work of fiction “though it may not seem to be, though it may not want to seem to be.”


      Research Notes

      Anita Felicelli on Chimerica

      When I was in elementary school, my father took a theater class in which they learned about different methods of acting, and one of these was Lee Strasbourg’s method acting. In method acting, an actor uses his or her own emotional memories to develop a realistic performance.



      We Are Not Cat Island by Theresa J. Beckhusen

      After our island’s veterinarian died, the cat population exploded.



      A Long Line of Little Yous by Dan Tremaglio

      Friday. First week of kindergarten. Everybody sitting in a circle around teacher. Waiting to go out to the buses home.



      This Woman Is a Leopard by Charles Rafferty

      The spots are so smooth that Franklin wouldn’t notice them if he closed his eyes and ran his thumb across her like he was testing a piece of furniture.


      Book Reviews

      Gravity Well by Melanie Joosten

      Gravity is an invisible force exerted between any two objects with mass. It holds the cosmos together, keeping the moon circling the Earth, and the Earth and planets circling our sun. As a relation between two bodies in space, gravity offers itself as a rich metaphor for a fiction writer.



      The Journey by Melinda Giordano

      I’ve heard that a blue whale’s veins are so large that a human could swim, naiad-like, through them, diving into the thick currents nourished by a towering heart that thundered like bells.


      Book Reviews

      We Love Anderson Cooper by R.L. Maizes

      When a reader finishes the title story of R.L. Maizes’ first collection, We Love Anderson Cooper, it is likely they will know they are in the hands of a writer with passion and empathy, someone worth reading.


      Research Notes

      Zach Powers on First Cosmic Velocity

      I pleted my initial research for First Cosmic Velocity six or seven years ago. That research was, of course, supplemented by ongoing Googling throughout the writing process.